When it's time for your more thorough deep cleaning, it's time for HomeZone by Element. It is designed to reach all areas of your home and takes care of your traditional vacuum needs. With up to 5x the power of a portable vacuum and a variety of options, HomeZone by Element can fit any home, lifestyle or budget.

HomeZone Illustration 

With three options of hose systems and a variety of available attachments, HomeZone can tackle any cleaning job!

Standard Hose System

The conventional hose system works by placing a series of inlet valves throughout your home. When you're ready to vacuum, simply plug the vacuum hose into the valve, attach the cleaning attachment of choice and clean. It's that simple!

Chameleon® Retractable Hose System

Unlike standard hose systems, there is no need to transport a hose from valve to valve throughout your home. Each Chameleon Retractable Valve contains up to 50' of hose that hides inside the vacuum tubing until you need it! Simply open the valve, pull out the hose, switch the system on, and clean! When finished, twist the hose to release the lock and the suction of your central vacuum system retracts the hose back into place.

Hybrid Hose System

The Chameleon Adaptable Hose System combines the benefits of retractable hoses with the affordability of standard hose systems.