Spot brings the speed and power of your central vacuum to the high-traffic areas of your home like laundry rooms, pet areas, pantries, foyers and mudrooms. Always there when you need it and concealed in the wall when you don't.

Spot Clean All Your Day-to-day Messes

Litter Box • Dryer Lint • Powder Detergent • Pet Food • Dried Mud • Leaves • Sand • Broken Glass • and More!


Woman Using Spot Quick-Clean Accessory
  • Hidden, But Always There
  • Spot conceals 15' of retractable stretch hose in the high-traffic areas of your home. There when you need it, hidden in the wall when you don't.      
  • Built-in 360° Swivel Hose Handle
  • Spot features a built-in, 360° swivel handle that can be used on its own to vacuum up a quick mess or attach a cleaning tool for more versatility.      
  • Automatic Lock and Turn-off
  • Simply pull the handle from the valve and allow the hose to drop down into the locked position. When done, unlock the hose, allow it to retract and when you replace the handle inside the valve, the system will turn off automatically!
  • Industry Best Warranty
  • Spot valves are backed by an industry-leading Five Year Warranty.
  • Available in Several Colors to Complement Any Decor
  • How to Use Spot




    Spot Quick-Clean Central Vacuum Accessory

    Using Spot Quick-Clean Convenient Central Vacuum Accessory

    Spot Quick-Clean Central Vacuum Accessory Retracting

    Pull the hose out and switch the system on.
    Vacuum the mess in just a few seconds.
    When finished, twist the hose to release and the powerful suction retracts Spot back into place.