Redefining Vacuums for Healthier,
More Convenient Living

Is Your Vacuum Harming Your Indoor Air?

Creating a healthy home environment for your family is important. Element® Central Vacuums clean in ways other vacuums can't and have up to five time more power than any portable vacuum. Also, Element Central Vacs actually improve indoor air quality by capturing all of the vacuumed dirt, dust and allergens. With absolutely no "vacuum odors" and no recirculation of particles back into the living area, Element provides relief for allergy and asthma suffers and helps create a safe haven for your entire family.

Chameleon Retractable Hose SystemQuick-Clean Convenience is Close at Hand

Element allows you to replace all your other vacuum products with one versatile system. Simply plug a lightweight hose into a conveniently located vacuum inlet, choose an attachment and start vacuuming! Or, take your Element Central Vac System to the next level with revolutionary hose management solutions like Chameleon®, Spot®, Vroom®, or Vroom Retract Vac®!

How it Works

Vacuumed particles are whisked through a network of tubing that is easily installed inside the walls of your home and deposited into a vacuum unit located outside the living area. The result is no after vacuum smell or dust particles lingering in the air. Element Central Vacuum Systems can be installed in both new and existing construction - and often in less than a day!

Central Vacuum Installation Illustration