Powerheads for Carpet Cleaning

Element Central Vacuums are available with a choice of a turbine or an electric powerhead to suit your cleaning need and preference.

Electric Powerheads

Acclaim Electric Powerheads
  • 4-position height adjustment for a variety of carpet and floor types
  • Non-slip cogged belt design
  • Overload motor protection
  • Acclaim12 has a 12" cleaning path, Acclaim15 has a 15" cleaning path- both for quick and efficient vacuuming
  • Rubber bumper to protect furnishings and floorings
  • Easy brush roller removal for cleaning or replacement
  • Thick rubber wheels allows for stable, fast cleaning while protecting furnishings and floorings
  • Quick wand release makes removal smooth and effortless
  • Neck release pedal allows for 180° swivel allowing unbeatable maneuverabilty 
  • Durable, lightweight injection-molded, high impact ABS plastic
  • 3.5" flat-to-floor profile
  • Easy clog removal door allows for stress-free operation
  • Must be purchased through an authorized dealer
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Prestige Pro Powerhead
  • Toe-tap height adjustment pedal has 6 settings (X Hi, Hi, Auto, Med, Lo and X Lo) with indicator window- "Auto" setting recommended for hard floor surfaces
  • Circuit protector with reset button protects motor from damage
  • Jam indicator warning light
  • 14" wide, large cleaning path
  • Easy step-on wand release
  • Pivoting and rotating neck makes maneuvering under and around furnishings a breeze
  • Bright Xenon headlight
  • Wrap around bumper protects walls, moldings and furnishings
  • Heavy-duty metal bottom plate and metal pedal frames
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Edge Electric Powerhead
  • 5-position height foot pedal easily adjusts to a wide variety of carpets and floor surfaces
  • Durable cogged belt design for trouble-free performance
  • Bright LED headlamp offers longer service life
  • Overload protection protects the motor from jams
  • 13.25" wide cleaning path for quick and efficient vacuuming
  • 180 degree swivel neck makes it simple to vacuum under and around furniture or in tight areas
  • Molded plastic roller brush with sturdy nylon bristles in chevron pattern promotes maximum cleaning and airflow
  • Large, non-marring, soft rubber rear wheels (and 2 small front wheels) glide over any flooring or heavy pile carpet
  • Quick-disconnect of adjustable wand with concealed cord
  • Neck release pedal
  • Large edge cleaning channels capture debris at carpet edge
  • Dry squeegee thoroughly cleans hard surfaces
  • Sleek, lightweight body
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Sterling Plus Electric Powerhead
  • Available in quick-disconnect version
  • Dual swivel neck increases maneuverability
  • Wide 13.5" cleaning path for faster cleaning
  • Durable ABS plastic body is sturdy and lightweight for easy cleaning
  • Fiber-reinforced geared belt for long life
  • Non-marring bumper protects walls and furniture from scuffs
  • Four soft wheels add to maneuverability and protect bare floors
  • Double chevron bristle patter provides constant and even brush contact to the floor for deep and thorough cleaning
  • Must be purchased through an authorized dealer
Sterling Electric Powerhead
  • Available in quick-disconnect version
  • Compact and lightweight with four soft wheels that allow for easy maneuvering
  • Made of durable, high-impact ABS plastic
  • Chevron design bristles provides throrough cleaning
  • Dry squeegee cleans all floors including tile, wood, ceramic and vinyl
  • Large intake increases airflow and reduces chance of clogging
  • Circuit protector protects electrical components and connections
  • Enclosed side-mounted drive belt is protected from incoming debris
  • Exceptionally quiet
  • Must be purchased through an authorized dealer

Turbine Powerheads

  • The TurboCat Powerhead is air-driven and requires zero electric power to run while still giving a thorough clean to your carpet.
  • It was designed to be lightweight and have the ability to easily slide under sofas, beds and dressers.
  • The DeepSweep Brush Roller scoops up dirt deem within your carpet that a portable vacuum would miss!
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TurboCat Zoom  
  • Powerful, air-driven powerhead that harnesses the power of your central vacuum system for deep, thorough cleaning.
  • Engineered with exclusive Z-Tech Design features including the Vac-N-Groom Brush Roller, Mulit-port Baseplate, Silent Drive Belt, Run-Silent Bearings, Soft Pro-Tech Bumper, Easy-Glide Rollers and Large Intake Port.
  • Remove embedded dirt and dust while easily maneuvering the lightweight TurboCat Zoom.
  • Requires no powercords, batteries or additional electricity.
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