Element Central Vacuum Benefits

Discover why Element is the right central vacuum for your home!

Central Vacuums from Element are the fastest way to clean your home! No vacuum is faster! 

Watch our video and see for yourself!


  • 100% of ALL vacuumed dirt, dust and allergens are removed from the living space and leaves no "vacuum smell," perfect for families with allergy and asthma sufferers, or pets.
  • Convenient whole-house cleaning with just one simple system. Element offers a wide selection of accessories designed to clean all interior surfaces, floorings, carpets, furnishings and window treatments; also ideal for garages, campers and boats, too!
  • Depending on your preference, both Turbine and Electric Powerheads are available to help you maintain a clean, healthy home with effortless cleaning.
  • We offer the most innovative Retractable Hose Systems in the industry!
  • With an extensive product line, Element can match the right system to any home size, design or budget.
  • Unlike portable vacuums that need to be replaced every few years, Element central vacuums have a much longer life expectancy to provide you with a reliable performance, year after year and a Limited Lifetime Warranty that ensures it!
  • Element central vacuums add resale value to your home, extends the life of carpets and furnishings and saves time while improving you indoor air quality!



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